Tri-State Lifemember Application

Life Member Application form is downloadable for those members who have met the minimum requirements according to the Tri-State Bylaws.  Tri-State Application form downloadable below.  Please use ONLY this life member application to apply for membership.  Order information on type of badge so that all life member badges are uniformed is below.   Remember all life membership applications MUST BE to the TSFA Secretary/Treasure 90 days before the start of the convention.   

Life Member Application click on the application below and download an Adobe PDF file. You then can print it and complete the form and send it to the Secretary/Treasure who is listed under the Board of Director’s page tab.

TSFA Life Member Application

If you need to purchase a Life Member Badge please see the information provide below.

TSFA Life Member Badge

You may order your life member badges from Smith & Warren.  Phone #914-948-4619 and Fax #914-948-1627

Style of Badge #S158A:  Gold Electroplate: Center Seal: C193FBE or C197FBE in blue: Engraving: Line 1 – Firefighter’s Name; Line 2- Tri-State Firemen’s; Line 3- Association; Block Lettering (Black); Safety Pin back.

I hope this helps with ordering your badges.  Remember to order early so that you can get the badge back to present to recipient at the annual awards banquet.